Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fate Saga Sketches WIP 3

Collaborative between myself and Tito, of Fate Saga's Rori and The Taffeta's Wolf.

Cain confronting someone and defending Guile's honor.

A snapshot of the childhood of Larkspur, Cain, Cyrus, Rori and Guile. For most of these characters, I am drawing their parent(s) for the first time so their designs are very likely to change. Some of the cast had it better than others. Larkspur is singing in a choir, with her father cheering on and her mother not wanting to be there. Cain looks up to his father, who is a knight. Cyrus is being dragged off against his will. Rori when she's younger, with longer hair (she's still a tomboy, though), and Guile idolizing his grandfather, who doesn't quite return his affections.

Fate Saga Sketch WIPs part 2

Collaborative between myself and Tito, of Fate Saga's Cain and The Taffetas' Gemini. Cain is trying to carry Gemini away to safety, but Gemini's not having any of that.

Armand's assistants, Lukas and Bianca, are hindrances to him not because of any kind of incompetence, but because of their insanity (and lack of personal bubble)

Seiron and Cyrus landing on a ledge. If this image is ever finished, I have a pretty good idea of what the background will look like.

Rori having an emotional moment (which is somewhat rare for her). Larkspur's the one hugging her on the top left. On the bottom right, Rori's confronting Straun, another lycanthrope. Straun used to be a were-cat but I've removed that species from Fate Saga and converted him into a were-wolf. This is my first time trying to draw his wolf form.

Larkspur and Rori chatting it up.

Fate Saga sketch WIPs

For the Fate Saga blog, I am working on rearranging the blog so that it is more welcoming to new viewers, and am creating a buffer of updates so I can start a schedule of 1 update a week. Here are some sketches that I am working on to possibly be completed as future updates.

Collaborative sketch, that I may later complete. Cyrus is drawn by me. The lyger is drawn by Samantha de Graffenried. Only Cyrus wouldn't mind being pinned down by a giant man-eating cat.

Possible sticker and magnet designs for Fate Saga, to be later completed for the upcoming convention season. I like the bottom set more, admittedly. The only ones from the top that I might use are the two bottom left characters, Larkspur and Guile.

This was a quick sketch comic of a possible scene between Cyrus and Guile that I may turn into storyboards and later an animatic, that I drew at the airport during a super long delay.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fate Saga Animation Bible Character Page Illustrations in Progress


Bianca and Lukas

These are some character illustrations for how their character layout pages will be arranged. The most important characters (Cain, Cyrus, Larkspur, Guile and Rori) will have their own pages. Drax/Seiron, Bianca/Lukas and Armand/Vektor will share pages. The rectangle represents the border, which most elements will remain inside but a little bit of each page will stick out. So anything that bleeds over the black rectangle is what is going to stick out of the borders in the final pitch book.

The gibberish text is just a scale reference. The text is actually 10pt font, but looks very small because the book is going to be very large (11x17)

Fate Saga Character Concepts in Progress

Rori, cursed with lycanthropy.

Guile, a few swords short of an armory.

Lukas, the attention seeking alchemist

Bianca, the world's most powerful elemental mage

Armand, whose world is one grant experiment

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mortar, Seiron, Rori and Lukas Head Comparison

Just felt like drawing a side view of my main snouted characters: Mortar (top left), Rori (top right), Seiron (bottom left) and Lukas (bottom right). I wanted to draw their profile views side-by-side to compare their snout and head structures, to make sure none of them look too much alike. One day I'll do a more detailed comparison sheet on how each of their heads and bodies are structured, since they all also have different body types.

Armand Emotive Sketches and a Gift for Tracy

This was a gift for Tracy, as a get well soon present! The little guy is a child version of her character, Veil. The dragon is really just a very dragon-like gargoyle of mine, Seiron. Seiron is huge and powerful, but tender at heart.

And these are some attempts at sketching Armand, the main villain of Fate Saga. He's normally known for his ever-present 'sinister' expression, and he is capable of having more than one expression. XD